Poster Author
L2018-003 Failure analysis due to corrosion P. Altamirano, L. Berardo.
L2018-005 Environmental corrosivity monitoring device in electronic control rooms C. Carnevali, L. Berardo
L2018-026 Electrochemical studies of the galvanic corrosion of $1 Argentine coins G. S. Duffo, S. B. Farina1, S. A. Fernández, F. S. Gard
L2018-031 Corrosion Study in SAE 1016 electrogalvanized steel M. J. Bertucelli, M.N. Inés, M. N Delpupo, G. A. Mansilla
L2018-054 Evaluation of the localized corrosion resistance of a super duplex stainless steel UNS S-32760 in chloride solutions through the use of electrochemical techniques I. K. Rodríguez Chavez, S. L. Pabón Calderón, M. R. Ortiz
L2018-055 Corrosion protection of AZ91D magnesium alloy by a cerium-coating obtained in the presence of citric acid P. Loperena, I. Lehr, S. Saidman
L2018-056 Corrosion protection of AZ91D magnesium alloy BY a duplex coating A. D Forero López, I. L. Lehr, S. B. Saidman
L2018-057 Corrosion resistance improvement of Ti-6Al-4V alloy by anodisation in the presence of molybdate ions A. L. Martínez, D.O. Flamini, S. B. Saidman
L2018-058 Corrosion protection properties OF Conversion coatings formed onto 316L SS from a solution containing molybdate and salicylate M. B. González, S. B. Saidman
L2018-092 Corrosion Resistance of Lean Duplex Steel after Gleeble Simulation Elisa Kassab, Lilia Olaya Luengas, José A. da C. Ponciano Gomes, Ivani S. Bott
L2018-102 Investigation of the corrosion behaviour of clad AA2024 anodized in TSA and post-treated in a Ce solution O. M. P. Ramirez, F. M. Queiroz, I. Costa, M.G.Olivier, H. G. de Melo
L2018-105 Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibitors for Carbon Steel Systems in a medium containing CO2 O. M. P. Ramirez, F. M. Queiroz, I. Costa, M.G.Olivier, H. G. de Melo
L2018-109 Performance of anti-corrosive coatings epoxy- phosphate of high thickness zinc with addition of montmorilonite clays in accelerated corrosion tests D. de Castro Girão, Ú. C. Pereira, W. Silva Araújo, A. de Oliveira Sousa Leite
L2018-152 Selective dissolution in superdúplex overlay welding J. Martinez, S. Zappa, H. Perez, H. Svoboda, L. Berardo