About LatinCorr: Latin American Forum for Industry and Research related to the Problems posed by Corrosion 

NACE International, together with its Argentina Section, CAPIPE and Edigar S.A., will welcome professionals and companies involved in corrosion and its effects on industry assets during LatinCorr 2018. The invitation is for international participants, with special focus on those interested in Latin America.  The event will take place in the city of Buenos Aires, from 23 to 25 October, 2018. The symposium will bring together professionals from around the world, especially from Central and South America, to discuss issues ranging from microbiological corrosion to corrosion in the nuclear industry. The event has been designed to foster an atmosphere of academic exchange and enrichment to share new theories, methods and techniques surrounding corrosion control and structure integrity.

It will also provide a friendly environment for direct networking and business opportunities among leading global companies, technology providers and users, who will be able to exchange experiences, and to consider needs and solutions for their production processes.

“With LatinCorr, we intend to contribute to the growth of corrosion control engineering, which is of utmost importance for the maintenance of infrastructure, preservation of the environment and protection of human life,” says Jorge Canto, Area Director of NACE Latin America Section.

Buenos Aires, Argentina has been selected as the venue for the 11th edition of LatinCorr. The 4 previous meetings were held in the cities of Quito, Ecuador (2010); Lima, Perú (2012); Medellín, Colombia (2014) and México DF, México (2016).

Below is a brief summary of the results obtained in the successful edition held in México City.

LatinCorr 2016, México DF

  • Over 300 attendees to LATINCORR 2016
  • Representatives from 21 countries
  • Over 100 presentations during 2.5 days
  • Over 30 exhibiting companies showed their services and products for corrosion mitigation.
  • 12 plenary presentations by global leading experts in corrosion control. LATINCORR is a great opportunity to interact with leading Latin American professionals on issues related to corrosion.


Expectations 2018 Buenos Aires 2018

For the 2018 edition in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we hope to live up to this international event sponsored by NACE. The current situation of the country’s industrial development, mainly in the Oil & Gas, Mining, and Infrastructure industries, among others, offer an ideal scenario for an unprecedented event.

We are looking forward to welcoming professionals from different parts of the world in Buenos Aires. We hope that, besides obtaining excellent results from 3 days of intense work, they can also enjoy some of the many attractions offered by our city, our country and its people.

Between March 15 and April 30, 2018 a Committee of Experts will evaluate the presentations to be included in the preliminary schedule of the Congress.